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Organizing the Dayton and Surrounding Communities for over 10 years.
Specializing in Residential and Small Businesses
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Joan Heath

Professional Organizing Consultant

I am here to help those who have clutter in their home, work environment and in their life.

I work with clients in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding communities.

Would you like to:

 - Eliminate your clutter once and for all?

 - Be able to find your bills and stop the late charges?

 - Open your closet doors without having things fall out?

 - Have a better flowing kitchen?

 - Turn your basement into a living space and not a storage space?

Perhaps you are somewhat organized but:

 - Know that with a second set of professional eyes the space could be better used.

 - Have one or two areas that just doesn't work, for example a filing system.

I can help you achieve all those wants and implement a system that works for


Over the past 10 years, I have worked with all types of clients including:

 - Doctors, nurses, teachers, artists and those with ADD

 - Entrepreneurs and small business owners.

 - Seniors, retirees, housewives, house husbands.

 - People in transition, moving in or out, relocating, divorce, new marriages, downsizing.

 - People unsure where to start or just plain afraid to call an Organizer.

Isn't it time for you to get organized and declutter your home?

Please wander through my website and call me at 937-439-0531 to answer any questions you may have.

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